Pregnancy and Postpartum Care

Dr. Tracey Dalton Pregnancy and Postpartum Chiropractic Care at Harvest Chiropractic & Wellness. Chiropractor in Springfield, Omaha, and Lincoln

Pregnancy chiropractic care can start as soon as you see that positive pregnancy test! Some women wait until they have pain within the pregnancy to see a chiropractor but it is beneficial to have regular care throughout the entirety of the pregnancy to get ahead of some of those aches and pains that arise as the belly starts to grow. It is also helpful for BABY. Adjustments can help create more space within the belly and pelvis to give baby a little more room and be more comfortable. If you are experiencing any symptoms during pregnancy, for example low back/hip pain, breech presentation, round ligament pain, trouble sleeping, pain with exercise, or just want a healthy pregnancy, you will benefit from working with me throughout the pregnancy.

When it comes to postpartum care, I make sure to have open conversations with you about what to expect and things to start working on immediately postpartum to help your recovery. Usually 1-2 weeks postpartum, depending on how you feel post-delivery, is when you should come in for a postpartum visit. Most common issues postpartum are neck, upper back pain, lower back pain, pelvic floor issues, and diastasis rectus abdominis (splitting of the abdominal wall).

Dr. Tracey Dalton Pregnancy and Postpartum Chiropractic at Harvest Chiropractic & Wellness. Chiropractor in Springfield, Omaha, and Lincoln

I make sure to meet you where you are at in your pregnancy. Every pregnancy is different and not everyone desires to have the same labor/delivery. I am a DONA-trained doula and have attended at least 8 births since my training to support women during their labor and delivery. This helps me understand the birthing process in great detail to answer any questions, provide advice/strategies, and relate to you during pregnancy / postpartum. I am also trained in Webster’s Technique– a technique that focuses on adjusting the pelvis during pregnancy and also helping relieve tightness in the round ligament. I utilize cupping, dry needling (including acupuncture points for labor), muscle therapy, scar work, and rehabilitation exercises during pregnancy and postpartum. The exercises I teach help you understand the best breathing techniques to utilize during labor, how to relax, and how to prevent things like pelvic floor issues or diastasis. The postpartum focus is more on retraining the pelvic floor muscles, helping the core become strong and stable again, and relieving any pain and tension in muscles that often comes with breastfeeding, carrying a baby/carseat, or general stress of being a new mom. I can also perform internal pelvic floor assessments for issues like prolapse, tightness/weakness, finding your strength of contraction, and relieving areas of pain.

Dr. Tracey Dalton Pregnancy and Postpartum chiropractic care at Harvest Chiropractic & Wellness. Chiropractor in Springfield, Omaha, and Lincoln

Pregnancy chiropractic care helps you feel less pain, have more comfortable labor and delivery, feel more in control of your pregnancy experience, more educated, and get set up for a better postpartum recovery. I want you to feel supported postpartum, have less pain, and recover more quickly. Postpartum care is often overlooked and women don’t know when and who to seek out. You will learn how to relax or strengthen the pelvic floor depending on what is necessary. If you’ve developed diastasis rectus abdominis during pregnancy, I can help provide exercises and therapies to reduce that splitting in the abdominal wall.

“Tracey is awesome & so knowledgeable about pregnancy/postpartum care. She helped me during my pregnancy and after with my diastasis recti. Currently 9 months postpartum & my abs are back to normal.”


“Dr Tracey KNOWS women’s health and the motherhood transition



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