Core & Pelvic Floor Therapy

Dr. Tracey Dalton Pelvic Floor therapy at Harvest Chiropractic & Wellness. Chiropractor in Springfield, Omaha, and Lincoln

Pelvic floor therapy is for anyone experiencing pelvic pain or pressure, urgency, trouble urinating, leaking urine during activities or those who have pain with intercourse, or women who are having or have had children. It can also be for those experiencing constipation or straining during bowel movements. Core rehabilitation can be for anyone who has had abdominal surgery, pregnancy, C-section delivery, or experiencing diastasis rectus abdominis (splitting of the midline abdominal muscles). Core rehab is important for women who have just had a baby and were maybe cleared to get back into exercise by their doctor, but don’t know where to start when it comes to doing core exercises.

Dr. Tracey Dalton Core and Pelvic Floor exercise at Harvest Chiropractic & Wellness. Chiropractor in Springfield, Omaha, and Lincoln

The bulk of core and pelvic floor treatment is teaching you how to breathe using the right muscles to retrain the core and pelvic floor to support you properly. Abdominal work includes a lot of exercises/stretches, breathing, and scar work. I use various techniques with my hands and also stainless steel tool assistance to release scars with adhesions. Scars can cause a lot of pulling, changing the pull on the abdomen, and causing pain. Pelvic floor therapy is done externally and internally. Externally, there is a lot of breathing, working on tight muscles around the pelvis, and education on how to create proper tension in pelvic floor as not to aggravate symptoms. Internal work is comfortable, safe and important for muscles deep within the pelvic floor that need to be relaxed or encouraged to activate.

Patients who do core and pelvic floor work will experience overall less pain and discomfort. You’ll have less feelings of urgency, leaking, or pressure. You will be able to workout without peeing your pants, have enjoyable sex, enjoy the time with your family and especially, your new baby. Core rehabilitation will set you up to workout safely and it will help ease any pain. For women, core and pelvic floor therapy is essential to recover the best way in the postpartum phase. Getting ahead of these issues as soon as possible will ensure less symptoms down the road.

“Dr. Tracey is the best! Not only was she my doula through the birth of my twins, but she has continued to be a staple in my well-being postpartum. I see her once every three weeks and she works with me on my breathing and core as I work through my diastasis, as well as my neck and back. I would recommend Dr. Tracey to anybody!”


“Dr Tracey KNOWS women’s health and the motherhood transition”



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