Harvest Chiropractic Cupping Therapy chiropractor Omaha, Springfield, Lincoln, Nebraska

Cupping can help those who are very stressed and need some general relaxation to help reduce pain. Cupping is for anyone who has the feeling of tight muscles, pain within the muscles, or nerve pain. It can be for the very active person but also someone who is not as active and maybe sits all day at work.

Harvest Chiropractic Cupping Therapy chiropractor Omaha, Springfield, Lincoln, Nebraska

Cupping has a long history dating all the way back to 1550 BC and evolved with the Chinese. Most people have recognized cupping in more recent years with Michael Phelps utilizing the therapy during the 2016 Olympics in Rio. He donned his suction marks from cupping in the pool and the world went crazy trying to figure out what this was. Cupping therapy in our office is done with hard plastic cups and vacuum suction that draw up the skin, muscle, fascia. The cups can be left still for a few minutes or can also be glided across the skin to provide a massage-like effect. Depending on the patient, the cup can leave behind a circle-shaped bruise that is not painful.

Cupping therapy helps release the tightness within the muscles by drawing up the layers of the skin, muscle, and fascia. Blood flow is increased underneath the cup to help fast-track the process of decreasing inflammation and reducing pain. The massage-like gliding can help to release knots along the muscle. When left on for a period of time, the cups typically have a therapeutic relaxing effect for the patient.

“Dr. Tracey Dalton was great for my postpartum rehab! She not only adjusts but her teachings and manipulations of small muscles in pelvic floor area as well as DNS breath technique helped me to repair before another baby. I truly recommend her as she has a wealth of knowledge in the women’s health field! Thanks Tracey for all you do for us Mammas!”


“Tracey is super knowledgeable and has been a wonderful mentor and valuable resource to me as I started my own fitness program for pregnant and postpartum women. I have relied heavily on Tracey for guidance and support. I would highly recommend my clients to her.”



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