Muscle Therapy

Harvest Chiropractic Muscle therapy for tight, painful muscles by a chiropractor in Omaha, Springfield, Lincoln, Nebraska

You’ll leave our office feeling more relaxed after a muscle therapy session. Whether you beat yourself up at the gym, or are doing the repetitive motions at work every day, muscle therapy can help decrease muscle tension and reduce joint aches.

Harvest Chiropractic Instrument Assisted Muscle therapy for tight and painful muscles by chiropractor in Omaha, Springfield, Lincoln, Nebraska

Based on the condition of the patient and their preference, we’ll either use our hands or an instrument to work through knots and trigger points in muscles. We will apply tolerable pressure to the target muscle and take the muscle through its range of motion. This procedure takes anywhere from 5-10 minutes, and is a great way to loosen up prior to adjustments.

Working on the muscles helps you recover from injuries more quickly, prevents compensations from injuries so you heal the way you’re supposed to, make adjustments easier/more effective, and helps you keep doing the activities that you love without pain and muscle tension.

“Dr. Tracey is the best! I’ve seen 3 different chiropractors over the last several years! Dr. Tracey has been the only one that doesn’t just adjust me like the person before me! She also shows me at home exercises to help with pain. Truly the best and really down to earth chiropractor!”


“If I could give 100 stars, I would. The care you receive with Dr. James is above and beyond. He truly listens and takes care of you. Love this office!”

-Amber B


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