Dry Needling

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Dry needling relieves the stress and tension that could be causing you pain. Whether you’ve overdone it at the gym, you’re experiencing chronic headaches or migraines, or you have a nasty bout of sciatica, or have trouble sleeping due to anxiety, dry needling can be a great option. Dry needling can be used to decrease trigger points/muscle knots, decrease nerve pain, and reduce muscle and joint tension.

This is a pretty painless procedure, and most people don’t notice the needles during the procedure. After we determine you’re a candidate for dry needling, we make sure you’re in a relaxed position, clean the area, insert needle(s), make sure you’re comfortable, and leave it for up to 5 minutes. After we remove and discard the needles, we often move and stretch the area to help relax the tissue even more.

After dry needling, you’ll often feel more relaxed, be able to move with less pain, and have less overall tension. People also often report decreased anxiety and improved sleep. The results are often immediate, but sometimes they take a few visits to notice. You’ll usually know within 4 sessions if the needling that’s being performed is being effective for you.

“Dr. Tracey is the best! She combines spinal manipulation with manual therapy, rehab and education. She stays up to date on current best practice in order to provide amazing care for her patients. She helped me stay moving and feeling good before, throughout and after my pregnancy. Thank you so much Dr. Dalton!”


“I really value a doctor who will listen and learn how to best solve any problems or pain you are having. I even tried some dry needling at his recommendation that really worked for me. He helped solve a lot of random pain I’ve been having for so many years, and in a pretty short period of time. I highly recommend Dr. Dalton. Excellent care and services.”

-Melissa D


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